Hi, I'm Chrissy I've been called many things but this one is my favourite. I am known for being a voice of reason, helping people find balance and understand various aspects of life that are sometimes buried so deeply under the weight of our earthside life they cannot find their own answers...

I was raised by my psychic medium mum who was back in her day subjected to shock therapy for seeing and speaking with dead people. I questioned every aspect of her gifts/tools and over time became a skeptic. I buried the spiritual part of me so deeply that it started to show itself in other ways.

I'll start my story when sh!t hit the fan so to speak.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my 30s and jumped through the Conventional Therapy Hoops of Meds & Psychologists. I look back now and class that part of my life as a medication-induced coma. And it came as no surprise that after about 4 weeks life was great... or was it. The things I noticed were I stopped feeling, and I stopped creating. I was a less stressed version of myself, but I didn't feel like I was myself. It seemed an easy way to bury my feelings and be like an ostrich about facing things and creating changes in my beliefs and behaviours. This type of treatment did not feel right for me. I decided there had to be a more authentic way. I ditched the conventional ways and started to build a bridge to fill the gap that was missing for people like myself that wanted more authentic ways.

so when I felt all the symptoms coming back in my 40s I shut up, hung on and got ready for the ride of my life.

It was the early 2000s I was working in what I call 'Crappy Corporate', and once again went down the slippery slope. No way was I going back onto the conventional therapy roller coaster, so I began to help myself to find a more fulfilling career in sustainable happiness.

There was no plan B. And as I recall the voice of my mum 'chrissy, why don't you listen to yourself and heal your way.'

And that was it.. I was going to get through it using my own guidance.

Having my own emotional BS & not finding solutions through conventional therapy in the past I began reflecting on how I could help myself. I liked writing/journaling so I started to ask myself questions. You know, the Why me? What's wrong with me? Why can't I break through this on my own? Why did that trigger me? Type of stuff. And I couldn't believe that when I started writing, what came through, I was blown away by the guidance that I had given myself.

Later, I learned this was called automatic writing, and my intuition channelled responses to my questions. At first, I was skeptical of this phenomenon, but I kept asking questions, receiving answers and after a while started to put into practice what I wrote down. I was guided to use my body as a barometer and dive deeper into my emotions. All the time asking questions and journaling my answers. This helped me reduce anxiety and cope with daily frustrations. This guidance is what started my Affirmation Quest. A quest that I would continue for 365 days. And over a decade later these simple affirmations remind me of how far I've come and still provide invaluable guidance today.

Once I better understood my physical mind, body and spiritual connection in this world, I noticed that many people around me were experiencing similar symptoms, so I shared with them the practices that helped me. They confirmed that these practices also worked for them. Seeing positive results for myself and others, I felt compelled to share my knowledge. I started by sharing from my home's dining room but soon realised the space needed to be increased. Within a year, I opened my first Happy Healing Meditation Centre where I offered 1-on-1 guidance, meditation sessions, and workshops, within 4 years I wrote a book Crappy Vs Happy, your Guide and Toolbox for Authentic Sustainable Happiness. I became a master practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy & became a Hypnotherapist.

I certainly hung on for the ride.

And for over a decade, I have worked with clients of all ages and strongly believe that with proper guidance and tools, everyone's mind and body can evolve. Not only did I find myself during my journey but I also found my purpose and a greater understanding for others.

'My aim is to assist others in gaining confidence to use their inbuilt spiritual tools whilst understanding the fundamentals, where they fit in with the physical world and how to use them to transform their lives. I believe that there are various ways of achieving this by aligning one's innate mental, physical, and spiritual resources. These resources have always been present within us since birth, and it is crucial to reconnect with them to foster both spiritual & personal health, growth and development.

I am enthusiastic about my profession and consider myself fortunate to be doing something I love. However, this is not a stroke of luck; it is due to my determination to find courage, take risks, and silence my doubts. By listening to my inner voice, I can make the necessary changes to improve my life and so can you.

As inhabitants of a world characterised by free will, learning, and emotions, we will inevitably face situations beyond our control. The key is to manage these challenges with grace. By cultivating a positive mindset and aligning our mind, body, and soul, we can take control of our lives.

So if you are ready to journey and Find Your peaceful Mind path and discover your Spritual Self click on the link below and lets get started .

Stay tuned.

Much Love & Inspiration


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The first step to change is becoming conscious of who you are.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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